This trip was very different in comparison to my usual travels. I went on a week-long medical mission to Haiti during February 2016. This experience opened my eyes to the way people live in impoverished nations around the world. We had a rough start in Haiti when we were forced to pay a large fee in order to get our medical supplies past customs. After our group collected all of our bags, we tied them precariously to the roof of a van and piled in for the ride to the church compound where we were staying.

The drive was very bumpy and unpleasant due to the poor roads. Once we arrived we brought our luggage up the dormitories which were luxury accommodations by Haitian standards- the compound had unreliable electricity, running non-potable water, and even a heated shower with visible wiring. As you walked down the street, you would see ramshackle houses with people out front cooking, washing, and doing their hair.

My job at the clinic was to weigh the children and take the blood pressures of the adults in triage. When was finished in triage, I would go into the consultation rooms to watch. During my time at the clinic, I saw lots of babies and older adults. The doctors took care of everything from burns to Zika. Some patients were worse off than others. It was hard knowing that most of them lacked basic necessities. We gave snacks to a few hungry patients and provided money for more advanced procedures to be performed at a hospital.

Until next time…

-The Tired Traveler


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