New York City

Most of my recent trips have been college visits, so going to New York City in January was a welcome break from admissions information sessions and campus walking tours. This was not my first visit to New York City, but this vacation we saw something new: Hamilton. My mom scored us tickets in the fall, and we enthusiastically prepared by watching the PBS special on the making of the musical, constantly listening to the CD in the car, and reading the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda. By the time January rolled around, we were ready.

I had been to Broadway musicals before, but Hamilton was different. When we first entered the theater, I was shocked; I had never seen a Broadway show in such a small theater. I now understand why it is so difficult to find tickets. It was amazing to be closer to the stage than you would be in a larger theater. Once the show started, I realized that the whole production was much more complex than what I had noticed during the PBS special. The stage had a rotating portion in the center that made the choreography much more dynamic compared to the shows that I had seen in the past. Also, the set had an upper layer where the characters who were not in the current scene reacted to the events unfolding below. I had never seen anything like Hamilton and the show definitely lived up to the hype. Overall, the experience was truly something special.

Until next time…

-The Tired Traveler



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