Virgin Gorda

Getting to Virgin Gorda was not easy, as the journey required three planes and a ferry. However, it was well worth it when we arrived. Virgin Gorda and Saint Lucia are alike in that they are both very mountainous. However, our house in Virgin Gorda thankfully was not at the top of the mountain, so the drive was not as terrifying and we were just steps from the beach. The beach itself was spectacular with sugar-like sand and turquoise water. While snorkeling at the Baths, I saw many types of colorful fish as well as a squid, a stingray, and a nurse shark. Even though I knew that the shark would not attack, it was frightening seeing it underneath me. Initially, it was mostly hidden under a rocky outcropping, but it moved into the open after a few minutes. Suddenly, it began to roll over on the sandy bottom like a cat in the sun. The movement was so strange, I did not know how to react. At one point, the shark began to swim my way, and I spastically retreated. The worst part of snorkeling is when you are breathing hard from swimming quickly, but you cannot take in more air because you are limited by your snorkel. After that, I decided that I was done and took off all of my gear. After I had gotten comfortable on the beach, my family spotted the stingray, and I got back in quickly- forgoing my flippers and holding the snorkel in my hand. Overall, my spring break had a good mix of excitement and relaxation.

Until next time…

-The Tired Traveler


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