Italy is the country that I most want to visit again. Part of the reason I want to go back is the food. I have eaten some of the best meals of my life in Italy. Everyday, you need to eat pizza and pasta while being sure to mix up which is your lunch and which is your dinner. Between meals you can see the sights. St. Mark’s Square is a major tourist attraction largely because of the ornate St. Mark’s Basilica, but also thanks to the pigeons. One of my favorite memories of Venice is feeding the pigeons. The pigeons initially scared me to death, but my fear of them lessened when my little brother courageously ran through the huge flocks of the birds causing them to scatter. I tried to run through them too, but I ended up weaving to avoid the birds that did not initially take flight. The pigeon food was not the only thing that you could buy in the square; lavish masks and dainty lace umbrellas were also for sale. Unfortunately, I was unable to persuade my mother to buy either of these items for me. We did, however, commission a gondola ride which I would not exactly recommend. Venice delights all of your senses except your sense of smell; what you cannot see in photographs is that the water in the picturesque canals is repulsive. Instead, I would suggest going to one of Venice’s many bridges and taking in the view of the gondolas as well as the gorgeous architecture from a distance.

Until next time…

-The Tired Traveler


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