Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places that I have ever visited. The view from the patio of the rental house was spectacular. However, in order to get this view, we had to rent a house at the top of a mountain. When we chose this house, there was a note that we would need a rental car with four-wheel drive, so we knew that the drive was gong to be steep, but we had no idea how steep. To start off, the road was really only one car wide, and signs warned to honk to alert cars coming from the other direction that they needed to pull over. The other problem was that there was no wiggle room; the edge of the road was the edge of the mountain. At one point, it got so steep that I swore I was going to die. The groceries that we had purchased in town were rolling past my feet as I watched the car in front of us struggle to continue up the incline. At that moment, it felt as though the car’s wheels had lost their traction, and we were going to flip over and go hurtling down the mountain. This was my worst experience in a car, and I have been involved in a game of chicken in the Swiss Alps. Once we got to the top and saw the house, the nightmarish ascent was all worth it. The house was so open that I felt outside with all of the sunshine streaming in through the open gates in every room. It took some effort to trek down to the beach, but how often can you relax on the sand and look up at magnificent cliffs and say that is where you are staying?

Until next time…

-The Tired Traveler


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